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Thoughts on Media

Reviewing all the media I consume because I want to digest it and practice my writing. 

1. The Book Thief 

2. About Time

About Time has everything a good movie should.

3. Parenthood Season 1 Episodes 1-4

4. HIMYM with Brian Cranston

5. The Voice Top 12 Perform

Jacquie Lee - Love is Blindness

Matthew Schuler - Hallelujah

Questions 3 For Twenty Somethings

3. What are my favorite stories?

What are your top three movies? Is there a common thread that runs through each story? If you want to see what matters most to you, look at the stories that resonate the closest.

The common thread that runs through my favorite movies– the underdog who perseveres through pain, thrives from their authentic self, and succeeds at something sane people would never attempt. Your core values are laying on the surface of your favorite stories.

My Answer:

Top 3 movies: The Notebook, Apollo 13, Titanic

Favorite genre of books - Ernest Hemingway novels, Dystopias, Apocalyptic novels 

I seem to like things where grand things are achieved against all odds, people survive apocalypses, lead the resistances against all powerful governments, travel to the moon and make it back, write books through relentless belief in themselves and have epic romances.

Questions courtesy of AllGroanUp. You can find the rest of the questions here:


2. Who inspires me the most?

Think about the one person you most want to emulate? Who is it? Now what is it about their story or character that draws you to them? Write down the words that come to mind. The person you want to be like the most tells you a lot about who you hope to become.

People who are successful and are activists.

People who are hopeful for the future.

People who have strong beliefs and stand up for them.

People who know what their goals are in life and do everything they can to achieve them. 

People who inspire others.

People who are intensely passionate about something.

People who are hopeful and see the good in the world.

People are capable of creating beautiful things and create them regularly (songs, films, books, ideas).

People who have a different outlook on life than most.

Ian Somerhalder

Jason Mraz

Nina Dobrev

Stephen Tobolowsky

11 Questions for 20 Somethings

These questions come courtesy of All Groan Up.

#1 - Do the people I’m surrounded by bring me to life?

I think the real answer to this question is that I have not been surrounding myself by people lately. Yes, I speak to my friends and family and make attempts to spend time with them but lately I have been retreating into my introvert cave and spending most of my time with Damon Salvatore.

Perhaps in response to this (although i like to believe its not because of this) a lot of my relationships have been evolving lately. Finding the right balance of spending time with people and spending time with myself is something I am struggling with lately, because both are important and I think i may forget that sometimes.

Check out the rest of the questions here:

If I were to write a novel

One touch from him lit her on fire, instantly reigniting every feeling she’d ever felt for him. To him they were just having a fun time, he was holding a friends hand and dancing, but to her it was everything. It filled her with a kind of peace and warmth she’d only ever experienced with him. She was always trying not to let herself touch him or experience too intimate a moment. A lingering stare, if he laughs too loudly at one of her jokes, if he brings up an inside joke from the past or someone reminds them how cute of a couple they were. Because all it took was one stare, one minuscule brush of his shoulder against hers, one hint of the way it used to be for the feelings to rush in and engulf her, trick her into forgetting that they weren’t together anymore.

She now believed, without a doubt, that the feelings would never go away. She would forever be walking on tiptoe around him, praying nothing too special happened, so she couldn’t fall back down into the deep cavern that was her feelings for him.

On his wedding day, no matter how far in the future, she’d probably get raging drunk, run out of her seat in hysterics and disappear for a few hours, sleep with the first person she sees on the way back and then wander around the party (hair awry, her breath giving off the sweet smell of whisky and regret) recapping the greatest hits of their year together. Then she’d stand in the corner and stare at him, not even seeing anyone else at the party. She’d know that others saw her, that he saw her, but she would keep staring, tears streaming down her face, trapped inside the walls she’d built around herself. Living in the lonely village of unrequited love, unaware of the world around her, the endless clock continuing to tick on and on. 

Whenever there was a new prospect she always become over-involved again, reestablishing her importance in his life. She’d be the most fun companion, laughing the loudest at his jokes, remembering the most about his life, caring the most about his struggles.  

Sometimes she avoided him at all costs. Ignoring texts, making up excuses to not hang out with him. Other times she’d call every day, just to see how he was doing, hang out with him every day for a week, play any video game he wanted, watch any movie he wanted. Anything just to  be one step closer. Anything to make her feel even a fraction of what she used to feel.

She was used to being the pathetic puppy dog around him. It was an all -encompassing pain, the worst she’d ever felt, but she knew how to handle it. She knew if she wrapped her arms strongly enough around the pain, she could make it evaporate. Her brain’s survival tactics were strong.


Current Book:

Making my way back into my favorite genre young adult Dystopian novels! Always feel most at home when reading these.

The Farm by Emily McKay

Current Music:

Laura Marling - Just saw her live at the Atheneum so listening to her new album.

Myah Evans - She opened for Josiah and I’m obsessed.

Current Drink:

Ice Water! I’m sick so i’m rehydrating. Had an insane craving for orange juice the other day though.

Current Food:

Stir fry made with fresh broccoli, ginger, garlic, tamari, chili powder, lime juice and a bag of frozen veggies.

Current Favorite TV Show:

Reworking my way through Vampire Diaries on Netflix! My opinions of all the characters are different this time around and it’s nice because so much happens in that show that I’ve forgotten half of it so re-watching is just as fun!

Current Wish List:

1. Job relating to travel

2.American Idol Tickets

3. To not be sick anymore

4. A date to go on

Current Needs:


Current Indulgence:

Smores made on the stove with giant marshmallows, Nutella, and graham crackers.

Current Blessing:

Friends, family

Current Outfit:

Black shorts and my Irish Obama shirt

Current Excitement:

Vampire Diaries!!!

Waiting to hear who the new Idol judge will be!

Break from work is nice!

EPIK Interview

My EPIK Interview is in two days. I am very nervous and anxious. Want to do it and know the results so I can begin the next step of the process. Getting the rest of my documents in order! I have most but need to get a couple more i’ve been putting off and wait for my TEFL certificate.